Rory - Bass, Liam (Frosty) - Guitar/Vocals, Benito - Drums, Brendon - Guitar

Rory - Bass, Liam (Frosty) - Guitar/Vocals, Benito - Drums, Brendon - Guitar

Forming in 2016, Fall and Resist create music that speaks to their audience. Their sound is essentially a mongrel of sorrowful melody and hostile aggression. With blistering drums, driving song structures, hook-filled melodies and the occasional clean interlude, Fall and Resist have begun to develop their style into an energetic powerhouse. Their commanding stage presence creates an energy that their audience feeds on, making their live performances engaging to say the least.

Their first offering ‘Buried Beneath’ showcases their breadth of music ability and taste. The four tracks capture the energy and grit of the band and the artwork details the essential theme of the EP.

Currently recording their debut album set to be released in the latter part of 2018, Fall and Resist are eager to become involved in high calibre shows that will help to spread their unique brand of Melodeath.


‘These guys are a band to keep your eye on’ – Metal Injection

‘Dying Without Scars is a must listen to’ – Metal Injection

‘[They] belt out their own fierce brand of Melodeath’ – Overdrive Magazine

‘[They] play an unrelenting set that resonated well with the crowd’ – Overdrive Magazine